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Grand Opening...

Hey! This is the first entry on my newest community! First off, I am hoping that people will join here. Secondly, I am finally happy that it is up & running! It took forever to get it started, but Im glad that it is up & ready for members. Thirdly, I will tell you a little bit about this Community: Mainly, it is for people to join & request graphics. Only members of this community can request graphics, & Im strict on that. I think you can understand that...but read the rules in the 'info' page before joining. Dont join if your just going to spread hate...waste your time somewhere else, because if you start hating on any of the Psycopathic Members or any members of this community, you will be banned & not allowed back. I respect the members of my community very much, they are family! So enjoy your stay here, read the rules, join, & start discussing! Feel free to request graphics anytime!
xoxo - Tha Queen
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