Damien Doolittle (klowndogg) wrote in carni_graphix,
Damien Doolittle

Welcome me! :)

YAY! I am the first member! WOO WOO! :D

A little about me:

Name: Shane aka KlownDogg aka Co-Mod of wicked_circus...
Age: 26
Location: Moline, Illinois
Hobbies: Making graphical stuffs, playing games, talking to my awesome fiance! :)
Crazy in love with: Kirsten (subvocaled)
Pets: 2 cats... Cotton and Candy... hehe
Random fact: I died once... when I was 7... for like 5 or 10 minutes...

Ok... That's all I got... I am boring... I know....

One question... Are people requesting graphix from you? Or is it a request to be filled by anybody in the community?
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