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Welcome to Carni-Graphix, the #1 journal dedicated to making you the best Dark Carnival Graphics for your LiveJournal!

//Journal Statz

Since: February 21st, '05

Mod: Tha Queen aka Alex

Version: 1.0: ICP, Twiztid, & Esham Mix

About: This journal was created to make graphics for your livejournal & other personal use. Check out our list of graphics below of what I create. I, Tha Queen, am the artist for the graphics that are made here. If you would like to be a graphic maker, just email me at totalds@aol.com.

//The Graphix

Layouts (for LJ)

LJ Icons (non - animated)

Profile Banners


AIM Icons

Note: When ordering, please be as detailed as possible.


You must credit me in your profile

No more than three graphics per post

Only members can request

Promote! Promote! Promote!

Although this is a graphics journal, you may feel free to discuss Psycopathic topics.

Tell us a little about yourself once you become a member :)

//The Mod

name: Tha Queen (alex)
birthday: October 15th
age: 15
sexuality: Bisexual
sign: Libra
hair color: dark red (thanx 2 tha bottle)
height: 5'3
eye color: mix of blu, grey, & green
favorite psycopathic members: shaggy 2 dope & violent j
favorite psycopathic song: 'juggalo homies' & 'Piggy Pie' by ICP / 'Im The Only 1' by Twiztid w/ Shaggy
favorite non-psycopathic song: 'rough sex' by lords of acid
fears: rape, the dark, & losing my own juggalo homies
words to live by: Some Things In Life Are Worth Waiting For...Even If That Means Wating Forever